Do Black Beards have an expiration date? 

One of the biggest advantages of Black Beard Fire Starters is that they do NOT have an expiration date opened or unopened. Our unique blend is designed to light up every time no matter what. The special blend that we use does not evaporate, deteriorate or dissipate. Black Beards have an infinite shelf life. Your first and last use will ignite exactly the same.

How do you extinguish a Black Beard fire? 

Black Beards are waterproof as well as windproof, however the fire that they create is not. The initial fire created from a Black Beard can be extinguished by either smothering or dousing the fire with water.

Where are Black Beards made?

Black Beard Fire Starters are made in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA! We are very proud to manufacture our Black Beards here in America using 100% American made materials and ingredients. 

Are Black Beards toxic? 

Black Beards are completely safe to handle and made with non-toxic ingredients. However when burning and when burning anything else in general, you do not want to inhale the fumes as those are to certain levels toxic.

How long do Black Beards take to ship? 

Most orders ship within 48 hours. We ship our orders through USPS, after order has been dropped off at post office Black Beard Fire has no control of delivery time.

Will Black Beards self ignite? 

No, Black Beards will not self ignite. Black Beards have a very high flashpoint. In order for a Black Beard to light it will need a spark or flame. 

How do you store Black Beards? 

Black Beards store best in a cool dry place. When storing Black Beards in a hot car Black Beards may become soft and leave behind a small oil looking mark.

How many fires can a Black Beard make? 

Each Black Beard Fire Starter can make 50 plus fires depending on how much material is used for each fire.

I have a lighter, why do I need a Black Beard?

 A lighter/matches/ferro rod is mainly an ignition source designed to be used in short bursts of time. Black Beards are a wind and waterproof, easy to light with a great burn time fuel source. When you add kindling on top you can light it easier. Imagine holding your lighter/match under a pile of sticks to light versus letting the Black Beard do all the work. Being completely waterproof and having a total burn time of at least 4.5 hours, Black Beards work perfect to light a fire in any weather condition.

Are Black Beards the same as char cloth?

 Believe it or not Black Beards aren’t charred at all, that way they have a much longer burn time! Plus they are immune to the elements.

Can I cook over a Black Beard? 

We start with 100% cotton mixed with a specialized blend of waxes. Being a fire tinder it should be completely burned off before your cooking process starts. And as always never breathe in any fumes from anything burning.