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Black Beard Arc Lighter

Black Beard Arc Lighter

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Ditch the Damp Matches: Ignite Adventures with the Black Beard Arc Lighter!

Tired of unreliable lighters failing you when you need them most? Conquer the elements with the Black Beard Arc Lighter, the ultimate windproof, waterproof, and rechargeable solution for all your fire-starting needs. This revolutionary arc lighter boasts cutting-edge technology to spark your adventures, not your frustration.


Here's what sets the Black Beard Arc Lighter ablaze:

    • Unwavering Performance:¬†Defy wind and rain¬†with this weatherproof marvel.¬†Say goodbye to damp matches and sputtering lighters,¬†even in harsh conditions.
    • Powerful Dual Arc:¬†Generate a¬†concentrated plasma beam¬†for¬†instant ignition¬†on any tinder,¬†from dry leaves to wet wood.
    • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable:¬†Rechargeable¬†design eliminates the need for disposable fuels,¬†reducing your environmental impact.
    • Long-Lasting Power:¬†Enjoy¬†300+ ignites per charge,¬†ensuring you're always prepared for whatever ignites your spirit.
    • Ready for Action:¬†No priming or refilling needed.¬†Simply open the lid,¬†press the button,¬†and ignite your adventure.
  • Convenient & Portable:¬†Compact size and¬†included lanyard¬†make it perfect for backpacks,¬†pockets,¬†or emergency kits.

Perfect for:

    • Outdoor Enthusiasts:¬†Campers,¬†hikers,¬†backpackers,¬†and survivalists ‚Ästconquer any terrain with confidence.
    • Everyday Use:¬†Light grills,¬†candles,¬†or fireplaces¬†easily and reliably.
    • Emergency Preparedness:¬†Be ready for anything with a dependable fire starter in your kit.

Don't be left in the dark! Order your Black Beard Arc Lighter today and experience the unwavering power of innovation and ignite new adventures.

How to Use:

  1. Open buckle lock.
  2. Click to open the lid. 
  3. Press the power button to create the arc.
  4. Put your tinder in the arc to ignite.
  5. Enjoy your fire.


    • Q: How long does it take to charge the Arc Lighter?
        • A:¬†Charging time varies depending on the power source,¬†but typically takes 1-2 hours.
    • Q: How many times can I recharge the lighter?
        • A:¬†The battery is designed for hundreds of recharge cycles.
    • Q: Is the Arc Lighter safe to use around children and pets?
        • A:¬†While the lighter itself is non-toxic,¬†the generated arc can be dangerous.¬†Keep it out of reach of children and pets.
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